Oral Hygiene - December 2016



Dr. Lina Garcia recommends a 4-step oral hygiene process for her patients. Dry brush, wipe, floss and sesame seed oil pulling.

Nutrition - December 2016



Dr. Lina Garcia discusses the nutritional benefits of raw fats found in avocado, raw butter and raw egg. Eating raw is easy, healthy, and absolutely delicious!

Smoothie Recipies - December 2016


Dr. Lina Garcia shares raw food recipes rich in healthy fats.

Coconut Health and Recipes - December 2016 / August 2012


Dr. Lina Garcia opens a fresh coconut and shares some raw coconut recipes

Dr Lina Garcia's Web Series About Holistic Dentistry – November 2012

This series will provide helpful information to patients seeking an alternative approach to their dental health care, along with tips to living a more holistic lifestyle.

Cleaner Teeth Longer Life / DeenShowTV - November 2016


DeenShowTV talks to Dr. Garcia about her book - Cleaner Teeth, Longer LifeWhat Mainstream Medicine Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You


Tooth Summit – Dr Lina Garcia Dishes Out the Tooth Truth