Welcome and Introduction from Dr Lina Garcia

Cleaner Teeth,
Longer Life

What Mainstream Medicine
Doesn’t Know or Won’t Tell You

In addition to helping her patients understand how dental care is related to overall health, Dr. Garcia also encourages them to learn more about nutrition, as well as the dangers of flouridation, mercury-amalgam fillings, and root-canal procedures, which are all part of the conventional dentistry as it’s practiced in this country.

Dr Lina Garcia's Web Series About Holistic Dentistry – November 2012

This series will provide helpful information to patients seeking an alternative approach to their dental health care, along with tips to living a more holistic lifestyle.

Interview with Dr Lina Garcia and Dr Joseph Mercola – December 2009

Dr. Lina Garcia and Dr. Joseph Mercola explain the connection between dentistry and total-body health. They discuss the dangers of conventional dental practices such as fluoride, root canals, mercury-amalgam ("silver") fillings, and dental metals. Plus, they describe healthier, more bio-compatible alternatives such as all-ceramic dental restorations and replacements.