Letting go of a sugar-heavy, processed-food diet can be uncomfortable, but is a key action to  support healthy teeth and gums. 

The recipes in this section focus on raw food. Raw food is food that has not been structurally altered by heat.  Raw food includes both plant-derived food (vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and sprouts) and animal-derived food (eggs, dairy, seafood and meats). There can be significant differences in nutritional value of a food consumed raw or cooked

The intent of my RECIPE section is to promote an organic, raw diet that helps avoid dental problems because a diet free of sugar-heavy, processed-food is essential for healthy teeth and gums. Although I can't say precisely what is right for you, I can list some foundations of a nutritious diet.*

  • make it a priority to drink clean water - free of fluoride, chlorine and other contaminants
  • choose organic whole food grown in healthy, mineral-rich soil, free of chemical additives
  • include a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, nuts, colorful starches, natural spices and herbs
  • include naturally fermented food, but avoid highly processed imitations (like "pickles" made with a sugar solution)
  • seek the best quality and most humanely and sustainably raised animal food
  • avoid refined sugar, organic sugar and brown sugar and all artificial sugar substitutes
  • avoid high-fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, fruit juice concentrates and cooked honey
  • avoid artificial colors and flavors

Most importantly, pay attention to your response to food (how you feel and not just weight gain or loss) and educate yourself and make your choices accordingly.

Many patients ask me: Dr Garcia what do you eat? How do you find the time to follow these guidelines?  I have found that high quality, organic and fresh food eaten raw are a nutritional powerhouse - they are a staple of my kitchen. With a little planning and a few key appliances, these delicious, flavorful and energizing raw recipes are quick and easy to make.

My colleague in the kitchen, Ornella Lazich, and I embrace the opportunity to inspire you with these recipes that feature the bright refreshing flavors and nutrients of raw ingredients. I hope you find something here to try and enjoy.

Dr Lina Garcia

* an entire chapter in my book, Cleaner Teeth Longer Life, is devoted to this vital and complex subject


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