Be In Charge of Your Health – Refuse Antibiotics From Your Dentist

Recently, I came across an article in Dentaltown magazine that challenged the use of antibiotics in dentistry.

The article, “Antibiotics for Third Molar Extractions,” described a New Zealand research study that showed NO significant differences in post-operative pain, infections, swelling, or temperature between patients who did and did not receive antibiotics for third molar extractions.

The article concluded that “the risks associated with taking antibiotics seem to outweigh the risks due to infection after extractions.” I wholeheartedly agree.

Though the routine use of antibiotics in dentistry has been the standard of care for decades, there is a complete lack of scientific data supporting routine antibiotic use. We are constantly exposed to bacteria, even when we brush or floss our teeth or chew food, and our bodies are more than capable of handling the exposure.

More importantly, antibiotic use has severe side effects - antibiotics turn the bacteria they’re supposed to kill into medicine-resistant monsters.

People are getting increasingly ill as a result of the inappropriate, widespread overuse of antibiotics. But that doesn’t need to happen. For 30 years, I’ve been practicing dentistry without antibiotics. Instead, I use nutrition and supplements to support my patients’ dental health and my patients are happier and healthier as a result.

So please, think twice about filling that antibiotic prescription from your dentist. Your body will thank you.