Christmas Tree with Roselles and Nasturtium Flowers

Treat your guests and yourself with a special treat for the holidays and boost your immunity with a shot of natural vitamin C from these jewels of nature.

This dish is made in less than two minutes and is sure to impress everyone with a surprise combination of juicy sweet and sour orange, crunchy tart Roselle and a touch of pepper-like Nasturtium flower.


Roselle (Florida Cranberries, Jamaican Sorrel, Red Sorrel, Java Jute) is a species of hibiscus that grows in tropical climates that is both a treat for the eyes and your taste buds. The bright red cup-like structure contains the plant's seeds and is called a calyx. Calyces are edible and you can peel them easily when ripe to enjoy the crisp, tart and tangy taste. They add a nice tart crunch to this dish.


The delicate Nasturtium Flowers are colorful, edible, butterfly-like blossoms that have delighted gardeners and cooks alike for centuries. They are an absolute delight with their subtle pepper like taste and add more vitamin C to this unique bouquet of aromas.

2 organic oranges sliced round
a few organic, fresh Roselles
a handful of organic wheat grass
a couple of organic, fresh Nasturtuim flowers

Arrange everything as shown in the picture and enjoy fresh at room temperature. Enjoy, be in the moment and appreciate every blessing in your life. Merry Christmas!