Green Juice Pulp Crackers

What do you do with the pulp from your green vegetable juice? Especially, if you juice daily, you can accumulate a lot of green juice pulp. Don‘t throw that pulp away and make the most out of your money by trying this easy recipe.

1 cup of organic green juice pulp*
1 ripe organic ripe banana, mashed well
1 teaspoon raw organic Hawaiian spirulina

Mix well all of the ingredients.  Spread the batter out on a dehydrator tray using a spatula or your clean hands to flatten it out as much as possible. Then use a knife to score the batter into cracker size squares. Dehydrate on low and be patient because it may take up to 12 hours to obtain crispy crackers. They are delicious on their own or to dip into your favorite sauce.

* use your favorite green juice recipe for the best tasting crackers