Dr Garcia's Seafood Marinade

Dr Garcia's Seafood Marinade

A very easy and fast recipe to use on a sushi grade wild salmon.

sushi grade wild salmon



1 small organic onion, chopped very small
1-2 inch organic ginger, chopped very small
1 tablespoon raw organic organic apple cider vinegar with mother*
1-2 tablespoons organic balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup organic lemon, juiced
1/2 cup organic cold pressed olive oil
Himalayan sea salt to taste


raw organic macadamia nuts
fresh organic lettuce

Mix the marinade ingredients together well.

Slice the salmon and pour the marinade over all the slices for 20 minutes (use a glass dish and keep it covered).

Prepare a salad by adding the ground macadamia nuts and arrange the wild salmon on top.

Enjoy at room temperature!

* raw and refined apple cider vinegar that still contains the culture of beneficial bacteria (mother) that turned the apple cider into vinegar through secondary fermentation.

Ratatouille Dressing

Ratatouille Dressing (gluten free and preservative free)

This is an easy dressing that goes well on most salads and vegetables that brings flavor to a whole new level.

1/2 cup organic yellow mustard seed (may combine with a bit of brown seed but the yellow seeds are tastier)
1 cup raw organic apple cider vinegar with mother*
1/4 cup organic heirloom tomatoes
1/4 cup grated butternut squash or any winter squash
1/2 cup organic cold pressed extra virgin olive oil
1 lemon, juiced
Himalayan salt to taste

Tip: add a splash of high quality balsamic vinegar if you wish.

Soak the mustard seed in apple cider vinegar in a glass container until fully plump (about 12 hours). Blend seed and vinegar together in a high speed blender (like Vitamix). Then add olive oil, heirloom tomatoes, grated butternut squash, lemon juice and Himalayan salt to blender and blend all well together.

* raw and refined apple cider vinegar that still contains the culture of beneficial bacteria (mother) that turned the apple cider into vinegar through secondary fermentation.

Cranberry Delight


Cranberry Delight Drink

Its cranberry season! Enjoy nature's beautiful gems in their best form - raw. Look for fresh, organic cranberries that are healthy and robust.

2 cups organic fresh cranberries
1 organic lime, juiced
1 inch organic vanilla bean
a pinch of Celtic salt
organic stevia to taste
4 cups spring or filtered water

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Vitamix). Strain well and voilà - you have a nourishing, healthy and ready to enjoy drink.

Raffaello Lemon Bonbons

Raffaello Lemon Bonbons (gluten free, nut free, seed free and vegan)

This is a delicious and healthy alternative treat made without nuts or seeds. It can be enjoyed as an energy boost throughout the day.

1 cup raw unsweetened organic coconut flakes
1 inch organic Madagascar whole vanilla bean
1/8 teaspoon Himalayan salt
1 teaspoon organic lemon zest
1 tablespoon organic cold pressed coconut oil, melted
organic Kal stevia to taste
1-2 teaspoons mineral water

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until you obtain a paste. Don't over blend. Form into tiny balls with your hands and place in the refrigerator for about 4 hours to set.

Tropical Pudding

Tropical Pudding (gluten free, dairy free and sugar free)

A delicious raw pudding with fresh organic papaya, mango and young coconut that is easy to make and delightful to eat.

Just make sure you use only organic papaya and save the seeds to eat since their health benefits are numerous.

1 cup organic young coconut meat
2 tablespoons organic chia seeds
1/4 teaspoon organic lemon zest
filtered/spring water

1 cup organic mango
1/2 cup organic papaya
1 inch organic whole vanilla bean
fresh grated organic Ceylon cinnamon

Open the coconut using Dr. Garcia's video as a guide.

coconut pudding: blend in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) the young coconut meat with a little bit of filtered or spring water until it becomes silky and creamy. Mix in the chia seeds and lemon zest and let it rest for 20 minutes.

mango and papaya pudding: meanwhile, blend in a high speed blender the mango and papaya with the vanilla bean and cinnamon.

Assemble the tropical pudding in layers - one scoop of coconut pudding then scoop one of mango and papaya pudding until done.

Enjoy at room temperature.

Watermelon Cake

Easy Watermelon Cake

Looking for a raw dessert that can be prepared fast and easy? Try this Watermelon cake and decorate it with your favorite fruits.

1 organic watermelon
1 organic kiwi
organic strawberries and blueberries


organic mango sliced thin
organic cantaloupe

to make "candles" use a natural unscented toothpick and some organic grapes

Remove both tops of the watermelon as evenly as possible and cut off the green rind.

Decorate it as you like. Serve at room temperature and enjoy.

Creamy Tomato Sauce

Raw Creamy Tomato Sauce

This sauce can easily become your go to tomato sauce for all uses: vegetable dip, dress up a salad, top raw pizza, add to meat and so on.

This is the best, melt in your mouth, tomato sauce packed with wholesome goodness.

1-2 organic fresh heirloom tomatoes
1 organic young coconut meat*
1 small organic garlic clove
fresh organic oregano, marjoram and basil to taste
salt to taste

optional: your favorite spices such cayenne, chili, paprika

Mash the tomatoes in a strainer until you obtain all the pulp and juice - discard the skin and seeds.

Open the coconut using Dr. Garcia's video as a guide.

Add all the ingredients in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) and blend until everything is smooth and velvety. Enjoy at room temperature.

* young coconut meat needs to be a bit solid and not mushy.

Coconut Noodles

Raw melt-in-your-mouth Coconut Noodles

Are you craving a creamy delicious noodle meal that is raw and super easy to make? Try this phenomenal and super easy recipe. The first bite will just melt in your mouth and is sure to leave you satisfied and well nourished.

1 organic young coconut
1-2 teaspoons fresh organic lime juice
1 organic garlic clove, minced
Himalayan sea salt to taste
organic white black pepper to taste

optional: any fresh organic herbs and spices

Open the coconut using Dr. Garcia's video as a guide.

Scoop the meat and slice it noodle style. Add the seasoning and toss to combine.

Eat at room temperature and enjoy every single bite.

French Crepes

Raw French Crepes (gluten free, dairy free ,egg free, grain free, nut free and seed free)

Serve these delicious crepes with your favorite fruit and/or filled with raw coconut cream.

4 organic bananas
1 teaspoon fresh ground organic Ceylon Cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon fresh ground nutmeg
3 whole organic cloves
1 teaspoon organic lemon juice
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan salt

Blend everything well in a high speed blender (like Vitamix). Spread on a non-stick Teflex dehydrator sheet.. Make sure you spread mixture evenly so it dries evenly. Dehydrate at 105F for twelve hours - flip to the other side for the last hour.

Pumpkin Spice Crackers

Pumpkin Spice Crackers (gluten free, dairy free, nut free and seed free)

Try this delicious cracker recipe with healthy spices. Source the best organic whole spices and grind them fresh right before you use them.

 Delicata Squash

Delicata Squash

1/4 cup organic delicata squash puree
1/4 cup organic pumpkin puree
1 organic banana
1 teaspoon organic Ceylon cinnamon
1/8 teaspoon fresh ground organic nutmeg
3 organic whole cloves
1/2 teaspoon organic fresh lemon juice
2 cups organic coconut shredded


Blend everything but the coconut in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until all is well mixed. Add the shredded coconut.

Spread evenly on a dehydrator tray and cut into squares.

Dehydrate for 12 hours at 105F.

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Raw Vegan Stuffed Peppers

This is a beautiful appetizer for any occasion. These beautiful and fresh garden peppers offer your body healthy, easily absorbed nutrients

1-2 organic fresh peppers
1 cup raw vegan almond cheeze (recipe on website)
1 teaspoon fresh organic dill, chopped small
1 organic garlic clove minced
1 teaspoon organic lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon Celtic salt 

First, cut the tops off the peppers and scoop out all the seeds and set the peppers aside. Then, mix all the ingredients to make the almond cheeze and season to taste.

Fill each pepper with the cheeze filling and press gently to eliminate the air. Set in the refrigerator for about three hours to get firm. Cut into slices with a sharp knife and arrange on a plate.

Coconut Bark

Raw Coconut Bark

Try this healthy treat that is super easy and quick to make. All you need is a high speed blender and a silicon mold. There seems to be a perfect blend between coconut and pineapple - a marriage in heaven. The flavors complete each other and the creaminess of coconut brings the sweet taste of pineapple to a whole new level.

1/2 cup organic fresh pineapple
1 cup organic coconut butter or coconut manna
1 inch organic whole vanilla bean
pinch of Celtic sea salt

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until all is smooth and creamy.

Pour into a silicon mold and allow to cool in the fridge or freezer.

When all is solid, take out it of the mold and enjoy it.

Cauliflower Crispy Pizza 

Cauliflower Crispy Pizza  (raw, dairy free, egg free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan)

Here is a raw and nutritious pizza recipe that can be topped with your favorite vegetables. Add peppers of various colors, mushrooms, red onion, sun dried olives and artichoke diamonds (recipe on website).

1 pound organic fresh cauliflower florets
2 tablespoons fresh ground organic flax seeds
1 tablespoon organic chia seeds
3 tablespoons filtered water (as needed)
1/2 cup organic almond flour
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt
1 organic garlic clove, minced
1 teaspoon organic oregano
1 teaspoon organic basil
1/2 teaspoon organic thyme
1/2 teaspoon organic marjoram

Blend the cauliflower florets in a high speed blender (like Vitamix).  Then use a nut milk bag to squeeze out all the liquid.  After you think you are done,  give the bag one more squeeze  (you will be surprised how much more liquid you can get out) since this is the secret to a crispy crust.

Create vegan egg by mixing the ground flax seeds with water and allow to sit for 20 minutes to thicken.

Mix well all the ingredients and roll on a dehydrator ParaFlex sheet.  Dehydrate for 12 hours or so on low temperature until you get a crispy crust.  Alternatively, use the lowest temperature on your oven to create the crust.

Top with your favorite veggies and enjoy it fresh.

Tip: You can add grated macadamia nuts mixed with garlic powder and sea salt to replicate  grated Parmesan cheese.

Anchovy Salad


Anchovy Salad (Alici Salate)

There is a lot of talk about the health benefits of anchovies and sardines, but not many details about how to source them except in a can soaked in preservatives.  Just use simple foods, the anchovies and sea salt that come as two ingredients in a glass jar. Anchovies that are raw and cured in the beautiful Mediterranean sun with sea salt.  This makes a most delicious anchovy salad with a powerful dose of healthy, oily fish.

Raw salted wild anchovies, rinsed well and split in halves
1/4 organic red onion, sliced
1 organic cucumber, sliced
a bunch of organic chives

Arrange everything on a plate and serve immediately with or without your favorite crackers.  A simple dish that is very well ntritionally balanced.

Chocolate Banana Wraps

Chocolate Banana Wraps

A simple five ingredient recipe that is very versatile. Just sprinkle it with some nuts, add your favorite fruit or some delicious cream or enjoy it by itself. This travels well and keeps for a long time.

4 organic bananas
2 tablespoons organic flax seeds, fresh ground
2 tablespoons organic raw cacao powder
2 teaspoons organic lemon juice
1/2 teaspoon Himalayan salt

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until well combined. Spread on a non-stick teflex sheet of a dehydrator. Make sure you spread evenly so it dries evenly. Dehydrate at 105F for 12 hours - flip to the other side for the last hour.

Store in a glass air tight container - but it won’t last long!

Superfoods Ice Cream

Superfoods Ice Cream (dairy free, sugar free) no churn

Enjoy summer with a delightful, healing and nourishing treat. Real food gives the unicorn colors and the pure delicate flavor of essential oils provide the healthy aroma. You need a high speed blender (like Vitamix) and a freezer safe glass dish with a cover.

2 cups organic macadamia nuts, soaked over night and rinsed well
1 cup filtered water
1/2 whole organic vanilla bean
organic stevia to taste
1/8 teaspoon Himalayan salt

for colors:

Green: 1/8 teaspoon organic Hawaiian spirulina, 1 drop organic peppermint essential oil for internal use

Yellow: 1/8 teaspoon organic turmeric powder, 1 drop organic lemon essential oil for internal use

Purple: 1/4 teaspoon wild organic blueberries

Blend the Ice cream in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until everything is smooth and creamy.  Add more water if necessary and adjust stevia to taste.

Mix each of the three colors well in three separate three bowls.

Line the ice cream glass container with unbleached parchment paper.  Pour the ice cream into the glass container and use a spoon start to swirl in the colors and make any design you wish.

Cover the ice cream tightly and place in the freezer until frozen. Enjoy as it’s delicious and packed with many health benefits.

Summer Sunshine Salad

Summer Sunshine Salad

Need a new delicious salad recipe that is easy to make and looks beautiful and easy to pair with a main dish? This salad is packed with vitamins and flavor, prebiotics and many other healthy nutrients.

1 organic daikon radish, spiralized
1 organic organic yellow summer squash, spiralized
1 organic sunchoke (Jerusalem artichoke), thin sliced*


2 tablespoons organic lemon juice
1 teaspoon organic lemon zest
1 garlic minced
3 tablespoons organic cold pressed olive oil
1/4 teaspoon fresh ground coriander seeds
Himalayan salt to taste
organic white pepper to taste

Blend well all the dressing ingredients until the dressing thickens. Add the dressing over the spiralized noodles and sliced sunchoke. Toss to combine and enjoy it!

 * a mandolin helps to slice a beautiful and uniform sunchoke. Put the sunchoke slices in lemon water right away to prevent oxidation and avoid color changing.

Peach Cobbler

Peach Cobbler in a Bowl (raw, gluten free and dairy free)

This recipe couldn’t be more simple - just two ingredients but packed with the most delightful flavors.  Source the best ingredients and you will be amazed with a most buttery, flavorful combination.  Try to get organic peaches direct from the farm, fully ripened in the sun with a fragrant smell and unique peach aroma.

Also, try to use shelled organic walnuts.  Crack them fresh to preserve the nutrients and flavor.  Walnuts soaked overnight are easier to digest and enhance the silky buttery texture of this peach cobbler.  

2 fresh organic sun ripened peaches
1/2 cup organic walnuts soaked overnight*

Blend everything very well in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) and serve at room temperature. Garnish with peach slices and take a moment and enjoy this delicious natural treat.

soak the walnuts for 20 minutes in filtered or spring water with one teaspoon of 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide then rinse well.  Cover the walnuts in fresh water and let sit overnight.  Rinse and drain well in the morning.  

Pitaya Custard Pudding

Silky Pitaya Custard Pudding (raw, gluten free, dairy free, egg free and sugar free)

Whether you’re hosting an elegant dinner party or simply seeking the perfect summer dessert, this easy recipe will delight the taste buds and enchant the eyes with its rich magenta color. The secret ingredient is Pitaya (Dragon) fruit - a super-fruit prized in many cultures for hundreds of years.

1 cup organic Dragon Fruit pulp
1 organic fresh young coconut meat*
  (preserve the organic coconut water)
1 inch organic vanilla bean
2 organic cardamom pods, seeds removed and crushed to a fine powder
1/2 teaspoon organic lemon zest
organic Kal stevia to taste

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Viftamix) for five  minutes or until everything becomes very silky and smooth. Add some of the coconut water if necessary.

Serve in a nice glass or crystal bowl. The pudding can be layered into trifles, topped with fresh berries or enjoyed on its own.

* watch Dr Garcia’s video how to open a young coconut

Stinging Nettle Soup

A nourishing and healing soup made in under five minutes that is sure to delight everybody’s taste buds.

1 lb fresh wild stinging nettle leaves, stems removed*
4 cups organic homemade bone and marrow broth (recipe on website)
1 fresh organic garlic clove
3 whole organic non-irradiated allspice berries
Celtic salt to taste
fresh organic lemon juice to taste

optional: organic hemp seeds cream

Blend everything in a high speed blender (like Vitamix) until all ingredients are combined and enjoy fresh.

suggestion: add hemp seed cream before serving

Hemp seed cream: hemp seeds, garlic, lemon juice, Celtic salt. filtered water and white pepper - blend all ingredients at high speed to a sour-cream consistency and add more water if necessary.

* use gloves to avoid stinging your hands. Once the stems are removed and the fresh nettle leaves are well blended, the nettle mixture will be safe to eat.

note: juicing Nettle leaves into a green juice is another amazing way to enjoy these powerfully nutritional plants.